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Sanders Pumpkins

Welcome to Sanders Pumpkins

Speckled Swan
Speckled Swan

We are specialised in the cultivation of exotic vegetables from China, Suriname, Thailand and the cultivation of circa 200 different species of pumpkins from all over the world.
A lot of exotic vegetable species are cultured here, all organic.
Some examples of what we culture are Bittergourd (Momordica), Tseetgwa and Tonggwa (Benincasa), Spongegourd (Luffa) and a large number of other curcurbits.

Decorative cucumbers

We have been cultivating pumpkins and other exotic fruits since 35 years ago.
Every year from the middle of August till the beginning of November our great pumpkin show is free to visit.
The exact opening times can always be found here.